Nuclear Games is an independent game studio based in Russia. Creates and publishes original content for mobile devices and PCs. Our approach is to create sophisticated and intelligent games that touch the player’s brain and heart, to give something, instead of just wasting time.



Warplane Inc.

Pilot the most famous aircraft of the Second World War, upgrade them, unlock nuclear weapons, and answer the question “what does the war mean to you?”


Reanimation Inc is a medical simulator with an absolutely unique and realistic gameplay. The game is based on real medical algorithms and was created with the participation of emergency doctors.
Defibrillation, slr, intubation, ecg monitor, lots of medicine are waiting for you in the game.


Nuclear Submarine Inc

Nuclear Submarine Inc



Nuclear Submarine inc will teach you the basics of managing a submarine. Diesel engines, Stirling, Nuclear reactors will allow you to swim far and fast.
A stock of oxygen, batteries, fuel, a pump, a sonar, an air regenerator — all this will have to be used to give the nuclear submarine a chance to survive!
..but nuclear reactors are sometimes unstable…


Nuclear Inc 2



Are you ready to hard test your brain and prevent second Chernobyl?
Perform tasks of the engineer operator of the nuclear power plant station and protect reactor from variety of emergencies, including an earthquake, fire, and other natural technological disasters.


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